Hi my name is Cayley.

I used to live in Guelph (I went to school there) I’m now back in Toronto full time.

Pretending to be an adult.

I don’t really have any type of work-ethic to speak of … but I do alot of thinking. And that’s my “preoccupation”. If you want to get into semantics, I work at a cafe/bakery where I bake and cook to middling aplomb. But I don’t really consider that my occupation. In ten years if I’m still working part-time for minimum wage then I’ll cede to the universe and call it my career, or my occupation … what have you … but anyways I don’t really do much of anything. Instead I preoccupy my day to day life with hobbies and distractions that I just happen to be passionate about.  And those things happen to be: film, food, family, friends and fleeting moments of clarity despite having a mind so utterly cluttered that I find it hard to get through a day with regretting or worrying about something.

I started this blog because I thought I might have something to say and some people might care enough to actually read my grammatically unsound  ramblings.

I spent four years over thinking literature and cultural theory … so I might as well put my overactive brain to work. Right? Right.

I now intern at WORN Fashion Journal. It’s a fabulous, fantastical place. Akin to Narnia. Check it out: http://www.wornjournal.com



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