C’est La Vie

You’ve changed someone told me recently.

“For the good?”

“For the better”

“What was I before?”


“And now?”

“…You’re better”

I was all sloth and contempt. Self inflicted wounds courtesy of cabin fever and a Vitamin D deficiency. If this were the fur trade I’d have been the first with scurvy. I was clawing for answers. Living with my head in the past – stuck in dank and humid memories refusing to see what was right in front of me. Clear as day.


Looking at the skyline I sighed.

“It’s beautiful right?”

“Yeah…I’m almost starting to like it here.”

She bit her tongue. She wanted to say: “Well I’m here.” She didn’t out of fear of seeming needy. Don’t show weakness the rule books say. Be independent. Don’t open up. Don’t expose yourself for being anything else but a wry maven with wit in spades. Protect yourself … bite your tongue.

He looked at her silhouette in the stillness of an urban dusk and sighed. She laughed at his weariness. They stuck their feet in the water and let them sink in the quick sand as water lapped against the shore.

Their silence was easy and the space between them warm.

“After six years…I gotta say. It’s pretty damn beautiful”

“It’s a hell of a view.”

“It sure is”


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