1 Year Anniversary…Almost

This blog is almost one year old.

I started throwing up words and silly rhymes onto the internet out of exasperation. Out of a frustration that was fueled by equal parts; alcohol, caffeine, insomnia and early-20s malaise …

Alot of the posts that found their way onto this petty site were inspired by a very fragile and remarkable time in my life. There was a lot of anger and resentment that wound itself amongst my pseudo-intellectual drival … but I tried my damndest to be poignant and most shocking of all: honest.

The internet seems like the least emotional, least earnest, least genuine of forums to divulge ones juvenile literary scratches. But the exhibitionist in me wanted an audience.

Perhaps this blog has acted as a veiled cry for attention.

An attempt for people to see thinly veiled truths about me and them.

I don’t know who has read this blog. I thought I had known for a while but I’ve since stopped speculating. It could be strangers or it could be my grandmother. No one has even left a comment.

You should leave a comment.

Thanks for dropping by.

Here’s to another year of making something out of nothing.


2 responses to “1 Year Anniversary…Almost

  1. You’re talented and I love you. Keep writing.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I loved reading your blog
    It is now bookmarked!

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