March 16 2010

Let the sunshine do the talking. Melt away the jaded tropes of winter and its embittered, lock step procession. Your head bowed, shoulders hunched-marching blind into the wind. All of that is done. Breath deep.

Get Ready!

Do you hear that? Do you smell that promise? Spring is kicking winter in the ass, Act One is now complete.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Why compromise when you can sing? Tone deaf but alive goddamit.

Exhausted and exasperated by the obscenities of the sub-zero imprisonment. The skin prickles in the sunlight, excited by the possibilities of freedom, of being set free of laying on the earth, dewy and fresh, sangria in hand and laugh away the cobwebs that cling to the corners of my heart.

“Fuck the lovers and the dreamers,” I used to say. All apologies. Envious of their warm nights and sweet nothings – electric with promise.

I hibernated for five months, riddled with contempt and contemplative thought. But now I’m going to glide into tomorrow without a care in the world. I’m going to write without remorse and shimmy without a care. Who’s going to stop me? Y’all gotta keep up with me.

You and your thoughtful gaze, heavy with romantic ideals  … whimpering sweet-nothings to a morning dove. Desperate for that abstract “her” to return the favour. But that girl, the girl of your waking dream don’t exist … I stood here-waiting … but they were never for me were they?

I almost had myself fooled, but was more or less confused. Your basset hound eyes are still tender and true, and who knows maybe a little “come here” will escape on a whim. But I know you’ll stay put. Content to a spin yarn that’s kept us warm thus far … don’t drop the threads for me.

Bounding and bandying about, full of words that tricked and trilled …. never malicious-just oblivious. Just rendering the other defenseless. For heavens sake don’t do it again, I’ll warn, my pains are superficial, phantasmsic fractures courtesy of the folly of youth – but who knows what genuine soul might fall on their face for you next?

You’re exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade you in for anything.

So let the sun beat down and kick the demons out of town. Restless and ready for the fight for our lives.


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