I am consistently amazed by my ability to put all of my eggs into one basket … and let them rot.

Stagnation (verb): to become inactive or dull.

An incapacitatingly dull repetition of this exasperating experiment. In which I know the pathetic and far from gleeful outcome. Tearful and rote … I attempt (and fail) to evolve.  Yet I continue to flit about in a flurry of fretting over the dead ends and the impossible.

There must be reason I’m still bound to this ludicrous picturesque vision.

Or am I imagining it all? You’re just too nice for your own good-that’s it isn’t it? I’m just the fool.

Another arduous misunderstanding. Ha!

So just play it safe and say goodbye (for good). I’ll dispose of the eggs as soon as you’re out of sight.

Scouts honour.


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