That Tired/Hungry Feeling

-Do you love her?


-You know who.





-Ha what?

-Never mind.


-I didn’t have to ask…I’m a masochist I guess.

-Don’t say that.

-Already did. Listen, don’t get me wrong … this is a good thing.

-Love is never a good thing.

-Oh my gawd grow a pair.


-Its the spice of life … does she know?

-It wouldn’t matter.

-Of course it matters. It always matters. You must keep the lines of communication a buzz or else  … well I’m a case-study in miscommunication. And you know that you don’t want to turn out like me. The last thing we need in this world is another me!


-I jest.

-It wouldn’t matter. She doesn’t listen.

-Always the pessimist.

-Just a realist.

-You’re boring me…


-Don’t apologize. I’m the one who gets myself into these situations.

-What, with me?

-Yes with you…what other situation could I be talking about?

-I dunno.

-Listen. No, scratch that … don’t listen to me. Because you never do anyway. For a nice guy you’re incredibly self-involved you know that? Well, that’s another can of worms I’d prefer to discuss another time. Oh god, look at me running my mouth like a fool … what was I saying?

-I’m all ears.

-Right! Grow the fuck up.


-Pick up the phone…I know you’re good for that at least, and call the girl!

-This isn’t movie.

-You’re right. But you’re not locked in a fucking sanatorium either.  There’s only room enough for one fool here, aight? And for chris-sakes SMILE.

-I hate my smile. It makes me look like I have a hook-nose.

-Like the joker?


-No one’s face does that. You’re hallucinating.

-I’m leaving now.

-Fine … don’t fuck it up this time!

-I’ll try my darndest.


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