Wishful Thinking

So here’s what I hope to accomplish over the winter break. 2009 wasn’t a particularly fabulous year for me, in fact it was rather awful in many ways. But that being said, through all the bullshit we have to treck through there were some shining moments. Friendships made, laughs shared, good movies, pretty sunsets and all that snazzy stuff. The academic semester is coming to a close tomorrow at 10:30 am … and for the next three weeks I have a relative freedom. Relative because I’m broke and back under the familial roof. Either way being broke and back home can’t stop me from trying to redeem some awesomeness from the final throws of a considerably lack-luster year.

1. Dance.

2. Watch Wong Kar Wai movies and wallow in lush romantic imagery and pitch-perfect soundtracks.

3. Consume an excessive amount of baked goods in the company of hilarious snort inducing people.

4. Explore three neighbourhoods I don’t know that well.

5. Have a bonfire

6. Read books I’d never find on a reading list for any of the courses I’ve taken in post-secondary education.

7. Watch the holy trinity of Christmas films (Charlie Brown Christmas+How the Grinch Stole Christmas+A Christmas Story) and feel like a child again … not that I need movies to make me feel like one. Just sayin.

8. Toboggan down at the beach at midnight.

9. Punch out the stories that have been rolling around in my head for the past four months.

10. Learn how to play the piano again.

P.S: Don’t you dare call these resolutions … because that schtuff is bullshit. You don’t need a new year to resolve. Just do it.


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