tongue tied

I live a life of inaction. Just falling short of … what?  Of what I want. Which is? Exactly. Telling stories, spinning yarns and dancing around the reality of my failures. Laughter is the greatest guise … it sounds like bullshit but it’s true.

A lopsided smile hides a broken heart.

I hit my mark, I say my line … enter with conviction, enter with determination … enter with passion. It’s a facade but damn it feels good. The distance is just enough. Out it tumbles. Another’s turn of a phrase. Fill me up till I explode. Fill me with witticisms and wonders. Lend me your heart and soul and I shall do it justice. For I spin yarns and and traipse along the fringes of reality…just short of connection, just short of affection.

Indeed this is far too much reflection.

But that’s what you get with second-rate rhymes, an old soul and a preoccupation with ellipses. Too many words, with too few truths … relegated to a life of euphemisms and synonyms.

Now is the time to suck it up and spit it out, belt it out …

What’s stopping me?

Excuses, they say I make them.

But that way it hurts less.

Laughter always masks a broken heart.


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