40 years from now…

I’ve got this dream, it’s a goal … I’m going to stick by it, because I aint got nothing else to look forward to. No that’s not true. I’ve got everything to look forward to … but it’s not concrete. Well neither is this long-term goal, but it’s more concrete then these mirages of Post-Grad bliss. Ya know what I mean? 

Anyways. You know how some people use post-its with little carpe diem sayings. Little psychological pick me ups that get them through their trial or tribulation of the week? Well I’ve got my own little figment in my imagination. It’s a vignette, a water-colour if you will…bear with me, I swear this gets better. 


It’s this image, this feeling … a little sketch of how I want to end up. I have no idea what I’m going to accomplish in between here and then. None. Those are just silhouettes of ambition at this point. But, the end … it’s this very wonderful and simple bookend to my life. All I want is a May sunset on a beach. Preferably the ocean … but a lake will suffice. There are friends, and we’re laughing. Snort inducing, abdomen constricting, incapacitating-ly giddy laughter. We’re all happy with one another. Just at ease in our skin. The sun setting. The wine flowing. We’ve all just eaten a wonderful meal of carbs and chocolate or some such nonsense. But that eventide light, catching everyones smiles … as the day sets.

That’s all I want.


One response to “40 years from now…

  1. I want that too! 🙂

    Please invite me over if you have this 40 years from now – and I know you will, so see you in 40 xo

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