Can I give you a piece of advice? Now I know you’re totally competent at maintaining a coherent and lovely life. I know you’re an adult now and adults make good choices as opposed to short-sighted foolish ones that come off as passive aggressive or simply ridiculous. We’re all adults here…but honestly I can’t stress this enough. And what is this you ask? Avoidance, evasion, stupidity. Don’t put things off until they’re null and void. Until you realize you’ve expended all of your energy on running as opposed to engaging. As opposed to mending.

What excuse do you have? They’re hollow. Perpetuated by a stale fear of your tentative reparations. It’s laziness, it’s apathy … because you’re not going to break it. How the hell can you break something that’s already shattered? It really does seem like a cruel joke, but what does it take? Fifty words or less. An essay writing contest for the incompetent. Just send it. Why can’t you send it? It’s not a political stance. It’s small-talk. Just do it?

What excuse do you have? You don’t have an excuse … if of course juvenile infatuation is an excuse. Giddy and giggly, preoccupied with alliteration as opposed to say, you know, doing something. Wax poetic some more as you sigh in bittersweet exasperation because that’s how you evolve (???)

The essay isn’t going to write itself. The canyon won’t be hiking itself. The ocean can’t be swum without you. So just do it. Suck it up.


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