Letting go, letting go, letting go
Of what?
Is this good?
Is this right?
I’m never right.
Can’t rhyme
Can’t love
Can’t let go
Never able to let the guard down.
Take it down.
Push it away.
Open up.
Strength is relative.
Strength is subjective
Strength is bullshit.
Weak, feeble, breaking under the pressure.
Tired…so tired.
Tired of being along.
Tired of trying for no apparent reason.
Trying and never succeeding.
Trying and never gaining.
Trying and never winning.
But who really wins?
We’re all losers in the end.
We’re all hurt in the end.
Tattered and torn, twirling and traipsing through the tatters of our trite existence.
I apologize.
I generalize.
I jest.
Because, remember … don’t forget, I’m the fool.
I jest.
I perform.
Am I good?
Am I right?
Am I letting go?


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